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The Indigenous Art Book’s inaugural 'Emerging International Indigenous Artist of the Year Award 2024' celebrates the talent, creativity, and cultural significance of Indigenous artists from around the world. This award aims to shine a spotlight on emerging talents within international Indigenous communities, providing them with a platform to showcase their unique artistic expressions and contribute to the global dialogue on Indigenous culture, identity, and heritage.

Through this annual award, Indigenous artists are acknowledged for their innovative approaches to traditional art forms, as well as their contributions to contemporary artistic movements. As visual artists, these artists bring forth stories, perspectives, and insights that are deeply rooted in their Indigenous heritage.

The Emerging International Indigenous Artist Award not only recognises artistic excellence but also aims to foster cross-cultural exchange and understanding. By highlighting the diversity of Indigenous artistic traditions and the richness of Indigenous cultural heritage, the award aims to promote appreciation and respect for Indigenous cultures on a global scale.

The winner of the award will receive not only international recognition, but also opportunities for professional development, networking, and exposure within the international art community. Through The Indigenous Art Book’s collaborative philanthropic initiative, their work will reach audiences far beyond their own communities, contributing to greater visibility and recognition for Indigenous arts and culture worldwide.


Ultimately, the Emerging International Indigenous Artist Award serves as a beacon of inspiration for Indigenous artists everywhere, encouraging them to pursue their creative passions and continue to enrich the world with their unique perspectives and talents. By celebrating their achievements and supporting their artistic journeys, the award honours the resilience, creativity, and cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples around the globe.

If you would like any further information, we look forward to your email at

— Geoffrey Williams, Founder and Publishing Curator, Darwin, Australia

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Click on the image above to download the EIIAY Award Entry Form
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