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The Indigenous Art Book Directory

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to the following enterprises, organisations and individuals who provide valuable services to the Indigenous Art Movement globally. If you provide a service that you would like to have included in our Directory, please email

Peak Bodies

ANKA (Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists (ANKA) Aboriginal Corporation) • Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

The Indigenous Art Centre Alliance (IACA) • Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Art Galleries

AMAGOA (The Aboriginal and Modern Art Gallery of Australia) • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mason Gallery • Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Top Didj • Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Kate Owen Gallery • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Mbantua Gallery • Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Art Mob • Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Raintree Art • Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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