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Judy Watson Napangardi

DOB: c. 1935

BORN: Yarungkanji, Mount Doreen Station, Yuendumu, Northern Territory



Judy Watson Napangardi (c. 1935–2016), also known as Judy Napangardi Watson and Kumanjayi Napangardi Watson, was a senior female Aboriginal artist from Yuendumu. Her people, the Warlpiri, were living a traditional nomadic life at that time. They frequently made long journeys by foot to their ancestral country on the border of the Tanami and Gibson Deserts, and lived at Mina Mina and Yingipurlangu at different times.


Napangardi started painting in the 1980s in a "dragged dotting" style. Her combination of vivid colour, highly detailed works and high-level composition led to widespread appreciation in the art world. Her paintings often describe the Mina Mina country, and she was a member of the Warlukurlangu Artists community of Yuendumu. Well known for the distinctive style of painting that featured strikingly vibrant colours and textured surfaces (developed alongside her sister Maggie Napangardi Watson, who taught her painting skills), she was a significant contributor to contemporary Indigenous Australian art.

Judy Watson A_edited.png

Title: Mina Mina

Artist: Judy Watson Napangardi

Acrylic on linen

Painted: 2010

Size: 93cm x 79cm approximately

Catalogue number: 48QSE

Price: $8,000.00

Provenance: Saltbush Gallery > Private Collection

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


Title: Snake Vine

Artist: Judy Watson Napangardi

Acrylic on canvas

Painted: 1999

Size: 133cm x 95cm approximately

Catalogue number: KA 00419

Price: POA

Provenance: Kimberley Australian Aboriginal Art

> Private Collection

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Title: Hairstring Dreaming

Artist: Judy Watson Napangardi

Acrylic on linen

Painted: 2007

Size: 180cm x 120cm approximately

Catalogue number: AMAG/JNW231/07

Price: POA

Provenance: Aboriginal and Modern Art Gallery of Australia (AMAGOA) > Private Collection

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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