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Alvira Bird Mpetyane

DOB: 1978
Ilkawerne, Utopia Aboriginal Lands of the Eastern Desert
LANGUAGE GROUP: Anmatyerre/Eastern Arrernte
COMMUNITY: Utopia, Northern Territory

Alvira is the daughter of artists Paddy Bird (deceased) and Eileen Bird. She lives in Alice Springs and Mulga Bore with her husband and children. Her grandmother is the late Ada Bird Petyarre, a highly respected senior artist from Utopia. Her subjects include Awelye (Women's Ceremony and Body Paint Designs) for Ahakeye (Bush Plum), Alpar (Rat-tail Plant) and Ntang Artety (Mulga Seed).

Source: Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs

Alvira Bird painting

Title: Awelye (Women's Ceremony) 

Artist: Alvira Bird Mpetyane

Acrylic on canvas

Painted: 2018

Size: 97cm x 63cm approximately

Catalogue number: Commission (uncatalogued)

Price: $8,000.00

Provenance: Private Collection

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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